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middle + high school classes

our fall semester is Sept 5 - Dec 20

registration for fall will open July 16th at noon

we will be closed nov 28 - dec 1 for thanksgiving,

and there is no portfolio class on halloween,

but classes will be in session all other days and holidays.

summer 2024

We do not have any middle school classes scheduled for the summer.

All middle school classes will resume in September.

Registration for fall classes will open July 16th at noon.


Please join our mailing list to receive a reminder before registration opens!

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fall 2024 weekday classes

6th and 7th Grade

Portfolio Prep 

with rosie

Ages: 6th-7th Graders

Class Time: 5:30-6:45pm

Dates: Every Thursday, 9/05/24 - 12/19/24*

*No class 10/31 for Halloween and 11/28 for Thanksgiving

This class is designed to be taken for 3 semesters, followed by our 8th Grade Fall Portfolio Intensive the next year if needed.

Join us for our first session of 6th and 7th grade Portfolio Prep!

Semester 1

This semester we will focus on drawing objects from observation using pencil and charcoal. Through exercises and longer finished drawings we will learn essential drawing techniques including using line, tone, shadow and perspective. Students will begin practicing drawing basic objects and will then have the opportunity to set up their own still lives using objects they are interested in drawing. 

Semester 2

This semester we will focus on drawing self portraits from observation using pencil. We will practice drawing faces and noticing their specificities, drawing from photos, from others in the class and from observation in the mirror. We will strive to see new things about ourselves and to make self portraits that show personality and expression, in addition to essential observational drawing skills.


Semester 3

This semester we will focus on drawing the human body. Beginning with photos and wooden figures we will begin to understand anatomy and proportion in the body, noticing weight and balance. We will move on to drawing from live models, using charcoal and practicing gesture, shape, volume and mark making.


These three semesters will prepare students to have three main elements of the high school application portfolio, and will help them build essential drawing skills to use in their creative work. In addition to this class, students should be working on their own personal art, to develop these skills but also to show their specific artistic interests and style. In 8th Grade Portfolio students will collect these pieces in addition to other creative pieces students have made in their free time, and we will build a strong portfolio together. 


If you are not applying for an art high school, but are still interested in developing your observational drawing skills in a focused environment, you are welcome to join us.

$550 (All Materials Included) 

*Cost is for Fall semester only. Registration for future semesters will open later this fall, and will be priced according to number of class sessions.

fall 2024 weekend classes

8th Grade Portfolio Intensive 

with vic

Ages: 6th-8th Graders

Class Time: 1:15-3:30pm

Dates: Every Sunday, 9/8/24 - 12/15/24*

*No class 11/1 for Thanksgiving

In this intensive, we will be preparing a visual arts portfolio as part of the high school audition process. We will be focusing on creating high quality pieces for the following requirements: drawings from observation including a self-portrait, a still life, and a figure drawing, as well as the fantastical sandwich. We will provide students with a portfolio checklist, and also discuss how to photograph pieces successfully and organize a portfolio. This semester-long class is only open to 8th graders and will include opportunities to work on individual projects. 

$1050 (All Materials Included) 

*This class runs through December 15th as the Department of Education High School Application sometimes shifts or gets extended. 


9-12th grade classes:

We are interested in providing programming for 9-12th grade students!

All of the classes we have offered for this age group so far, however, have had no enrollment

so we are not offering any new classes at this time.

If you are a 9th-12th grader interested in Art classes (or the parent of one), please email us!

We would love to get your input to create a class.

  • Do you offer Drop In Classes?
    We do! We offer drop in options for any of our Early Childhood classes that are not full. Drop In registration opens the first day of the semester. Simply click here or on the "Drop In Class" button beside the class you are interested in to register. The class fee includes one adult and one child. You can register for as many drop in classes as you like, there is no limit. We cannot accommodate refunds or credits for missed drop-in classes at this time. Advanced registration for drop in classes is required, we cannot accommodate drop-ins at the door/at the time of class.
  • What if my child misses a class?
    We are not able to offer refunds for missed classes unless we cancel a class. Each enrolled family can schedule 2 makeup classes per semester. If you enroll in a class, you'll be given instructions for how to arrange a makeup, should you miss a class. Makeups are permitted as space allows and are on a first come, first served basis. Makeups must be scheduled for the same semester in which you are enrolled. They do not carry over to future semesters. Drop-in classes are not eligible for makeups, credit, or refunds.
  • Does a grownup have to attend classes with my child?
    For our Early Childhood Classes (ages 1.5-4) we do ask that a grownup stay with your child for the duration of class. Our teachers lead each session, but having the child's grownup stay not only helps the child feel comfortable, but also offers adults tools and techniques for continuing art experiences at home.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand that sometimes things come up that make it no longer possible for your child to attend class with us. But we ask that you also understand that late cancellations mean we are unlikely to be able to fill the space in the class, but have already made arrangements for staff and materials. We cannot accommodate refunds or credits for missed drop-in classes at this time. You have two options for cancellation of semester-long classes: Option 1: More than 4 weeks prior to the first class? You can receive credit for the full class minus a $75 cancellation fee. Less than 4 weeks prior to the first class but more than 1 week? You can receive 50% credit for the class minus a $75 cancellation fee. Cancellations made less than one week prior to the start of class are not eligible for credit. Option 2: If it's more than one week prior to the start of class and we are able to fill your spot from the waitlist (if there is one), we will refund you the cost of the class minus a $75 cancellation fee. We cannot give refunds less than one week prior to the start of class. Please note that we only offer full (100%) refunds for a class if WE cancel the class. We are also unable to offer refunds for days or classes missed due to illness or travel. Even if it's COVID. Two makeup classes per semester are available for all of our Early Childhood classes. Drop-in classes are not eligible for credit or refunds.
  • How do the semesters work?
    With the goal of creating classes that are at different price points and therefore accessible to more families, we split the weekday semester into two parts: Semester A and Semester B. You can register for just one, or both (now for a discount!). In response to feedback provided by families, we running our Saturday classes as one longer (8 week) semester. We welcome your feedback on the topic!
  • Can I bring my child's sibling if they are outside the age group?
    Possibly! We want to work with families to create a meaningful art experience for everyone attending our classes. So if you would like to bring a child's sibling who is outside the age group listed in the description, please just email us: If they are within the age group, please just sign them up for a drop in that day.
  • Do you offer discounts or scholarships?
    We fundamentally believe that people of all ages deserve access to high quality arts programming. If you or your child would like to attend one of our classes but cannot for financial reasons, please contact us at
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